Multiple injuries reported in Levittown crash

Dawn Altstatt- Special to Delaware Valley Firefighters remove injured people from the wreck

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Two vehicles collided and one vehicle, an SUV was reported to have rolled over several times, trapping two occupants.  Multiple Fire companies were called to the scene to remove the dash, and cut the roof, in order to free the driver and passenger.  The accident was right in the middle of the intersection of Veterans Highway and Frosty Hollow Road in Middletown Twp.

The other vehicle also had two people in it   They were not trapped but both sustained injuries, authorities said. Both vehicle had their entry at the intersection controlled by a traffic light. Police are trying to find out who went through a red light. While the injuries are not life threatening,  one. person, reported to be a female had a leg broken in more than one place, which constitutes a very serious injury.  The crash happened just after 12:30 PM. It tied up traffic for about one hour, until the road could be cleared.