Eagles fans cheer on team at Middletown Pep rally

Dawn Altstatt Photo- Special to Delaware Valley News.com An Eagles food truck at the Township building.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Not every Eagles fan can go to Minnesota to watch them play in the Super Bowl. In fact, most fans stay here and hold the fort down. In Middletown, Bucks County Pa., the team was in everyone’s mind when the town supervisors held a pep rally. A small but dedicated crowd showed up. Held both inside and outside the municipal complex, the rally featured ,  Vaughn Hebron, former running back with the team.

Dawn Altstatt Photo- Special to Delaware Valley News.com . Eagles fans get green doughnuts during the rally

The Ukraine Train, who just  six hours prior was a contestant in  the 2018 Wing Bowl.  While he did not win, he did manage to finish in the top 10.  The Penndel Wildcats showed up with their cheerleaders. They led the crowd in the Eagles chant.  This event was held during the mid day on a work week. When ever you do that, attendance will be small. In spite of that, about 100 people showed up to  grab a free green doughnut , and get their picture taken by an Eagles food truck.

Others took the opportunity to sell Eagles t shirts and other memorabilia.  By 5:15 PM, the rally was over. It was cold.  The crowd saw what they needed to see and they wanted to get warmed up for the game. Presumably,  some of those same people will converge at Five Points in Levittown , or Cottman and Frankford, in Philly.  Fans that will be in Philadelphia will not be allowed to park on Broad Street, starting Sunday morning. This restriction will be from the stadium area  up to Race Street.