Vandals toss pole through store window during Eagles celebration

Philadelphia Police Two males wanted for tossing a pole through a store window.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Two idiots are being sought by Philadelphia Police in connection with damaging an A.C. Moore store during a celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl. While thousands of people took to the streets, a handful of people got out of hand and damaged property.. This is not 1974 with the Flyers. This is 2018 with video cameras everywhere. Even cameras you cannot see. Those cameras captured images of the two idiots in question at 100 S. Broad Street about 12:30 AM.

When a celebration happens,  it is very easy for a well behaved crowd to turn into a mob. That mob turns into a riot.  as City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson said, it takes an instant to do damage but that damage has a lasting impact on that person.  While AC Moore may have insurance for the window it’;s no excuse. Someone has to pay and is everyone, when insurance rates go up.

If you look at the video, one male has a tattoo.  The video is pretty clear. If you know who they are,  Detectives DeMatteo and Velasquez want to hear from you. (215) 686-3093/94.