SEPTA buses messed up parade experience for many

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley SEPTA buses roll up to the east side  of Broad Street and block the view of the parade for thousands.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

As the Eagles parade made it’s way up Broad Street, the line of march was Swoop,  players, Eagles staff, Eye Van, police and municipal vehicles and SEPTA buses , presumably for the team to return back to the Linc. Everything was great and running without a hitch. Until the parade reached the south side of city hall. Just as the first float, containing Swoop was about to arrive,  no less than two large, SEPTA accordion style buses pulled from the rear of the parade  right in front of thousands of people along the east side of Broad Street. The buses stayed there and blocked the view  of thousands.

The parade was going by and the ONLY thing these people were able to see is the side of a bus, Due to the vantage point of being on the ground, looking through the windows of the bus were not an option. Some of those folks camped out for  10 hours to see the parade from that spot.  A lot of those people want the person that said this was a good idea to stage the buses there to  be fired.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley Officer John Brady plays football with the crowd. Most of the people behind him were unable to see any of the parade.

As it became clear that  the buses would not move until the Eagles had passed, the crowd pelted the buses with anything they could. It is a wonder that they did not hop the barricade to get a cleaner view, any kind of view besides the side of a bus. There was no valid reason  to have huge buses do that, except incompetence.

Those people that had their view blocked are the same people that helped entertain Philly cop John Brady by having  an hour long catch with him prior to the parade.  There were no signs indicating that there would be an obstructed view and no one knew in advance this was going to happen. for more EAGLES  coverage and here