Femmes of Rock put on winning show at Parx

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Femmes of Rock play in every part of the concert hall. including the aisles.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Lots of people don’t win at the casino. However that changed at Parx on March 18, 2018 when Femmes of Rock played at the Xcite Center. During that show, everyone in the audience was a winner.  Holy cow. Most people had no idea of what was in store for them when they walked in the show.  Some went to the band’s You Tube page and gambled the price of a ticket based on what they saw.  Those people were blown away by the musicianship that these four women have.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Electric violin solos.

They are backed by a band. Four very pretty women who know how to pay electric violins, put a classical spin on rock songs. Bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd were all featured. This is not a cover band at the local bar. In fact, this is about as far removed from a cover band as you can get. At the local bar, people go on stage and sing songs people know and try to make it sound like the original. This band does the opposite. They play it different.

Imagine Peter Frampton’s “Do You Feel” played with strings. Now , you are getting the picture.  When the show started, people settled into their seats,  by the time the band played “Comfortably Numb” by  Pink Floyd. the crown knew this would be a special evening.  There were no lasers or smoke bombs at this show. They did not need it. The show started about 7:15 PM and lasted about 90 minutes.  It seemed like it was a half hour. They needed to be on stage longer.

Alex Lloyd Gross – Photo- Delaware valley News.com Femmes of Rock live.

This show at Parx is just one of many for this band. However, it’s  their last show on an east coast tour.   The concert was not just confined to the stage. The ladies took full advantage of the auditorium and played in the aisles,  on the floor, in front of the stage,  they would have gone into the casino and jammed there, if they were allowed.  As we said, this band is growing. There are endless possibilities for this band. They could do a Zeppelin show, or a hair metal show, imagine them doing the music of KISS!.   As word spreads about them look for them to do a multi night residence at Parx in a few years.

After the show, the ladies did a free meet and greet for the crowd. They are easy on the eyes but not trashy, so females will feel welcome and not intimidated or offended.  This is an excellent way to get small children interested in classic rock, instead of the garbage that permeates the airwaves now. There are a few good songs  being released now but not many. At  a Femmes of Rock  show, every song is good. They play songs when music was music, with real musicians on stage, and no clown on stage with a laptop. It’s music they way it’s supposed to be played in concert,  properly, loud and live.