Krasner’s office to issue arrest warrant for flag vandalism

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Authorities had Antione Guyton in custody earlier this week, in connection with spray painting a red substance on the Israeli Flag on May 15, 2018.  The flag hangs over the Ben Franklin Parkway.  The District Attorney refused to prosecute and he was released. Upon outrage from the Jewish community and the public-at-large, the investigation was intensified. One additional suspect was observed on camera,  spray painting the liquid onto the flag first.

Paperwork is being filed which will result in an arrest warrant being re- issued for Guyton, the District Attorney stated  he had “some role” in desecrating the flag. Cops are also looking for the individual who sprayed the liquid from a water gun. A frame grab from the video shows the male they are looking for.

He looks like a coward, as he covers his eyes with sunglasses. While the video is taken from a distance, you can see the males face. He would be wise to turn himself in, as the District Attorney will surly make a deal with Guyton if he identifies the male. Once that happens,  the unknown male is almost certain to do time,  and it will be with violent criminals, who will  exploit him and take advantage of him in prison,  as his accomplice  goes free. If you know who he is, police would like to hear from you. So would  most of the community.