Krasner’s office issues ruling on police involved shooting

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley file photo Larry Krasner.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner issued his first ruling on a  police involved shooting, since he became District Attorney in January  of 2018.  In the case involving Officer Shannon  Coolbaugh for an incident  that happened  May 4 , 2016.  On that date,  the officer went to a report of a suspicious vehicle with several other officers . The driver ignored commands to show his hands and in fact  drove his vehicle towards the officer. The driver was shot multiple times.

Krasner’s office has declined to  file charges against the police in this incident.   The family of the shooting victim as well as Police Commissioner Richard Ross have been notified.   This clears the way for the officer to return to full duty.  Krasner has been criticized for being anti police and his office has been accused of handing out very lenient sentence recommendations and plea deals . Krasner was not endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. The press release issued by Krasner’s office mentioned the officers name but  not the driver of the vehicle. Richard Feretti was his name. He died of his wounds.