Body cam released in Wildwood Beach arrest

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The body cam was just released  in the Emily Weinman incident on the beach at Wildwood New Jersey.  The incident garnered national news.  Two officers are under investigation and have been removed from street duty pending Internal Affairs review.  The video starts at the time the cops ask her to take a breath test.

She complies and then refused to give the class 2 officer any of her information. She pushes him away and resists arrest.  The audio mostly clear and you can hear that she is under duress. She wants to leave and  the cop wants to arrest her.  She uses lots of profanity and is brought to the ground.  After the arrest, she spits in the face of the police.

Anti police groups will flame the officers and thing it could have been handled differently. Police supporters will thing she got what she deserved. Had she provided her info, she would have been given a ticket and that would have been the end of it.  Now she is facing several serious charges, including resisting arrest. You can see the video here.