Red Paw fundraiser held in Bensalem

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley Amy McCaa from Lead the Way teaches a dog new tricks.

By   Alex Lloyd Gross

It was billed as Sunday Funday. It’s usually held on the first Sunday in June. Exactly what it is and who it benefits is an organization called Red Paw. They are a fully authorized organization that helps animals that have been involved in disasters such as house fires. A human shelter like the Red Cross might not be able to house a family pet  after a house fire. Red Paw can. They will house the pet, help with medical bills and then reunite the animal with it’s owners when the time is right for the owners to have that happen.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley Red Paw volunteers show off a snake.

All of that cost money and the event on the 3200 block of Knights Road was a perfect time for people to come together and help. Of course, there were animals to adopt and learn about. Not just cats and dogs but snakes and tortoises as well.  As people entered the event, some brought their dogs.  Those with dogs were happy to meet Amy McCaa from Lead the Way dog training. She met with prospective clients and then put their pets through a few exercises to get compliance and further build the animals confidence.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware valley Greg Proshmushkin, one of the event organizers poses with some new friends. Greg is also a Philadelphia attorney.

People attending learned about pet care and pet insurance. Red Paw operates in the area only.They are not statewide . In many states, due to the incompetence of organizations that refuse to house people with pets or separate them from family by equally incompetent public safety personnel,  In fact,  people have risked their lives rather than have their animal removed. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans.  One has to look no farther that to read the horror stories perpetrated by those sworn to help. Ripping pets from the arms of screaming children and not being able to track animals that were surrendered.  Since then, training has been given and organizations like Red Paw have been formed.

You can keep track of all that Red Paw does by looking at their Twitter feed.