Gay Pride marcher arrested for setting flag on fire

Philadelphia Police. Ryan Segin

By Alex Lloyd Gross

An 18 year old New Jersey female was arrested for trying to set an American Flag on fire Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 12th and Locust Streets in Philadelphia. At that time, there was a demonstration and a march.  For whatever reason, the pink haired female tried to set an American Flag on fire while there was a large  crowd of people  She was quickly arrested. There were no injuries.

The female was identified as 18 year old Ryan Segin and she lives in Woodbine New Jersey, on  New Jersey Avenue.  Segin was charged with Arson-Attempt to Commit, causing or Risking a catastrophe and related offenses. The charges are serious enough that even if District Attorney Larry Krasner drops some of them,  the remaining ones are enough for strong punishment.

The protest happened in what Mayor Kenney calls a “Gayborhood”, which is frequented by  a large homosexual population. Near by are gay cars and sex clinics. The people that live there are very much in favor of Gay Pride. If someone was injured from this, it could very well have been someone that supports her cause.