Facebook response gives tacit approval to criminal activity

By Alex Lloyd Gross



Facebook is a social media platform where people can post videos and opinions on a variety of topics. From politics to family  outings.  There stories appear in your news feed whether you like it or not. One story, or video that is making the rounds depicts at least two males that burn a dog to death using a blow torch. These two pieces of shit probably do not live in the United States, but rather, a foreign country and from what we are told it looks like a third world country at that, where resources are scarce, and animals are killed for sport.

This video may be a virus sent without the knowledge of the sender.  It is upsetting to anyone that sees it. It just appears in your news feed. We personally have not seen it and will not be posting this crap on this page but one such reader did see it. She, like anyone with a brain was mortified and angered by this so she reported it to Facebook, and hoped that the Facebook Detectives would find the videos, have them deleted and  also determine the source and report that source to the appropriate authorities.  For those of you that are living in Fantasy land and think Facebook does not turn posts over to law enforcement,  wake up.. It’s done thousands of times every day.

When one user did the correct thing and reported it they got a canned response. A pre-written response. Here it is. It’s the same ( and proper) response they should send when someone complains about a photo of the Confederate Flag, or a pretty girl in a bikini.  This is the wrong response when two shit for brains idiots engage in criminal activity, that results in injury or death to another living creature. Facebook  should re think their response and remove that offensive (and criminal video) and report it’s origins to the local police.

Frequently, other brain dead idiots will live stream their crimes on Facebook or even make threats to other people.  Facebook was quick to delete the profile and /or the content of the individual.  That is what should be done here.  In the video which we reiterate , has not been seen by us, the morons abusing the dog are too cowardly to let their faces be shown.  They are big, tough men on camera abusing a dog with a blowtorch as long as their faces are obscured. In real life, they are pussies, who would run and cower in fear when a real man has them backed into a corner with nothing but his fists.

Facebook gets thousands of complaints every minute. Ranging from a pretty girl wearing little clothing to a comment someone made about the president or other foreign leader.  All of it is protected under free speech here in the United States. That video is not and legally does not fall under any quantified immunity or other protection.

By Facebook sending out a canned response , they are sending their approval to allow this to happen.  If they are okay with this, then they should be okay with child rape and mass murder being filmed and put on their site.  As for the shitheads in the video and the one who filmed it, they should be dropped off in the Atlantic Ocean , from a helicopter. About 5000 feet in the air.  It should be put on Pay per view. I’d watch it and so would anyone with any compassion for animals. .  Facebook is spending millions on a new ad campaign. They want to tell you how much they have changed. Until this video is removed,  it should be treated as Fake News.