Male brings his family to road rage incident

Phila Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

It’s frustrating when you are driving and  another driver will not let you into a lane.  Maybe hand gestures are done or words are said.  On July 3, 2018, bullets were shot when two motorists got into an argument at Cottman and Roosevelt Boulevard July 3 2018.  The incident could have been avoided if another motorist had only driven away and maybe cursed the other driver under his breath.  A male was caught on video that you can see here. he fired multiple  shots at the driver of another car, causing serious injuries to him.  The shooter had his family in the car with him.

At least one small child watched as the male driver took matters into his own hands and a female passenger was sitting next to him.Police said that she appeared to try to calm the man down and tell him to put the gun away.  He did not listen.  The male was rushed by police to Einstein Hospital.The driver thinks he got away. The entire incident was caught on security cameras in the area.

Currently, police are only looking to charge the driver, the male Hispanic with a beard. The female  however could face charges if she does not come forward with information as to the identity of the driver.   The longer she waits, the worse it will be for her, police said.  If you have any information on this you are urged to contact Philadelphia Police .