3-D Gun blueprints are unavailable to PA residents. Is it censorship?

A 3D printed gun.not necessarily made by Defense Distributed.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Guns made available by a gun shop have to be sold to people that have been vetted and are allowed to have guns.  Wuith computer technology, a new 3-D gun has people up in arms and against these untraceable weapons.  The guns will not show up on metal detectors but they can  fire real, metal bullets that will show up in these devices.  Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro went to court and got a judge to issue a block for Pennsylvania residents to download the file  from the companies website. The website went online today, Auguste 1 2018  with the blueprints .

If you are in Delaware, or even Texas, you will have no problem.  It’s quite easy to drive across state lines with a jump drive,  go to a library, or a friends computer and download the blueprints. Shapiro’s  legal wrangling just put an extra step for determined PA residents to obtain this information. The company Defense Distributed  has already had over 1000 residents download the plans when they put them on their website before August 1.

While the guns are untraceable, they are complex to put together.  you need a 3-D printer and if it is not put together correctly, serious injury could result. Defense Distributed has had their plans blocked by other states as well, such as Washington .  People in those states that attempt to go to the ling will get a bad gateway, or denial of service .   Defense Distributed is allowed to allow this on their website when they settled a federal case in Texas on July 27, 2018.

It falls under free press and freedom of speech.  It is against the law to show people how to make a Nuclear Bomb.  It’s against the law to print something in a newspaper that will bring people to panic  It can be said that  some people just want this gun as a project with no ill intent. Others are mentally unstable. They could never walk into a gun shop and buy one and driving , (or flying) to a different state to download these plants on a jump drive is an easy way for them to obtain a gun.  The 3-D guns have no serial numbers and can easily be destroyed.