National Night Out is tonight

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley The Target store held festivities last night.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Public safety and city agencies across America will be participating in National Night Out tonight, August 7 2018.  The thought behind this concept  was over 25 years ago when the event was formed. back then it was simply to put on an outside light and sit outside watching the neighborhood.  With all the neighbors outside, people would get to know each other and nobody would be breaking into homes or cars on the block.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Mark Mroz takes care of the entertainment

This has evolved into neighborhood events. Such as the mega gathering at 500 Rhawn Street. There will be music, a DJ and lots of different activities for people to do. An estimated 500 to 1000 people show up for this free event.  Smaller events like a gathering at the South Street mini station at 905 South Street will draw only about 30 people.

Bensalem, Bristol and Darby Townships have publicized their events outside of the city. Those events will happen on the grounds of the townships municipal complex.  In the city, here is a list of just a few of the events going on in different parts of the city.  The times are usually 6:00 PM until 8:30 .

5001 Wynefield Avenue

Evans Playground  53rd and Parkside

Broad and Oregon Ave ( Marconi Plaza)

Lincoln High School ( Rowland and Ryan Ave)

Gorges Park ( 6300 Ridge Avenue)

The Willows Apartments 547 W. Manhiem Street.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware valley Al Taubenberger was there, city Councilman At Large. He is one of the few that voted AGAINST the soda tax.

5400 Moorse Street

Last night a few events took place and one such event was kind of large. It was held at the Target parking lot on the 7400 block of Bustleton Ave.  At this event,  police Officer turned DJ Mark Mroz took care of the entertainment as people walked to different booths to get information .  A few Politicians were there as well,  such as Councilman At Large Al Taubernberger. He was one of 5 council members smart enough not to fall for Mayor Kenney’s smoke and mirrors  hard sell for the soda tax. He voted against it.  State Rep John Sabatina was there. He supports working families and is working with Senator Tina Tartagiolne to raise the minimum wage in Pa. When people are working,they are earning money and they do not have to steal.