Heart By Heart rocks Sellersville

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley News.com Steve Fossen and Michael Derosier from Heart By Heart live in Sellersville.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Fans of Heart should be very happy this summer.  Ann Wilson just played a recent show in Camden, Nancy Wilson is playing at Parx August 12 and two members of the original band, Steve Fossen and Michael Derosier were in the area last night, August 9, 2018  at the Sellersville Theater.  To put it simply, this is a band that plays (mostly) classic Heart songs.  It’s not a cover band,  and with two members in the band that played on multiple Heart records back in the 1970,s it’s not really a tribute band either.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Michael Desrosier

During the show, there was no opening act. Just about 90 minutes of this band cranking out songs, like “Kick It Out”   “Mistral wind”  and “White Lightning and Wine” . They even brought out “Hijinx” from Dog and Butterfly.   With so much material that Fossen and Derosier played on and so many fantastic songs to close from, one must wonder why they do the few play 80,s hits they play. The band should ignore that era of Heart and concentrate  on  the early stuff, songs like “Sing Child” and “Rockin’ Heaven Down” are both  magical and mystical.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Heart By Heart

For those that fail to get how truly mystical that song is, need only revisit a taped for radio broadcast  April 1980 of Heart in Ft.Worth. where that song brought down the house. They played two Led Zeppelin songs, including “Rock and Roll”.  This band features Somar Macek on vocals. She is married to Fossen and can deliver the goods just as good as Ann Wilson.  Lizzy Daymont is on guitar. She claims to have spent 23 years in Seattle.  She does not look much older than 23 years old, but she can shred a fret board better than  a lot of guitarists who play stadiums. She also plays keyboards and according to Fossen “She drives the van, flies the plane and much more. While she does not pilot the plane, she does bring electricity to the stage that is a dynamic most bands doing Heart songs cannot match. Rounding out this band is guitarist Chad Quist.

The show was a trip back to memory lane.  Heart By Heart are a band in it’s infancy stages. While they as musicians are solid and can play, now is a critical time for this band, to grow their following into something that will stay with them for a long time.  Last nights show solidifies them as something to be reckoned with and something that should be seen live. To thank their fans, after the show, they held a free meet and greet where band members took photos with fans and signed their things.  They promised to come back and the Sellersville Theater is a great, intimate place to see this band.