Nancy Wilson from Heart brings Roadcase Royale to Parx

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Nancy is having a blast on stage.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

With Heart taking a hiatus  band members have branched out to do their own thing. guitarist Nancy Wilson has a  project she was working on called Roadcase Royale.  She brought that band to the Parx Xcite Center last night August 12, 2018.  The show which clocked in just under 90 minutes included many Heart songs.Nancy sings most of the material on stage but she is joined by Liv Warfield.  She has a set of pipes that don’t quit.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Liv Warfied live with the band.

This band knows that people want to hear Heart songs. They also have original material that they want to project to the crowd. Songs like “Get Loud” and “Mind Your Business” were played and show the vocal talents of Wafield. They also re arranged a few Heart classics like  “Straight On”  which translated great live.  The band should drop the Heart ballads from the set and stay with the rockers.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo-Delaware Valley Nancy Wilson

The crowd would applaud at the end of each song, then there would be silence, which gave some fans a chance to  interact with Nancy.  Normally this gets annoying but not at this show, as it was not the same people,  They paid compliments or  asked  quick question.  When Nancy brought out a guitar with the US Marine logo on it,  she said “This guitar is here to play one song”. That song was “Barracuda”. Within seconds, the crowd gathered against the stage to watch the band the way they should be viewed. Standing up.

Heart was known for blistering cover songs and Nancy Wilson,s band is no exception to that rule. They covered “Comfortably Numb” from Pink Floyd , did a Foo Fighters track and the encore was Led Zeppelin. As people started to get a jump on the mass exodus just before the encore. Warfield said, “You people trying to leave out of the door, I DON’T THINK SO”  They did their obligatory homage to Zeppelin and then the show was finished. Way too soon. There were too many songs to play and this band should be on stage for at least 2 1/2 hours playing most of them.

Fans that go to see this band, thinking they will see a Heart remake should stay home.  If you want to heart Heart songs, mixed in with soulful originals and some cover songs then show up at their next gig. This band is for you. This is their website. Some of their music is on there for you to stream for free.