Teenagers on bikes take on dangerous trend in Bensalem

Bensalem Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem cops have had multiple complaints about groups of children and teenagers that have deliberately driven their bikes in traffic and stopped or slowed traffic, while motorists have tried to get through. These children then curse or yell at the driver of the car. Bensalem cops have identified a group of children doing this but there are more out there and cops fear they could get killed or injured. What they are doing is illegal. It appears they may have been emboldened by a group mentality.

An impatient motorist could ram the kids, and run them over. Chances are that the motorist may get away, as children will be too shocked to get an accurate description.  A motorist who is running late and under stress could exit their vehicle and physically hurt some of the kids. and or threaten them. An unstable person could carry out those threats. None of those outcomes are good.

In one case where the driver snapped cell phone images , appropriate police action is being taken. That means parents can be fined as well as the children. Both must appear in court.  In some instances the bicycles can be confiscated and not returned unless a court order is given.

Drivers who encounter this should call 911 and take pictures with the their cell phone or turn their dash cam to film the kids.  The kids can be identified with school records or by other police tactics. The kids will then be arrested.  Parents are urged to speak with their kids about this activity. Bicycles can be driven in the street. They cannot be used to block the street or to impede traffic.