NFL Kickoff is in full gear in Philly

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware valley Fans already have the front filled for Sean Mendes by noon.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley People photograph Super Bowl Rings

Fans going to the NFL Kickoff need to remember to bring two things. The first is patience.  The attractions ares scarce, compared to the NFL Draft.  There is and there will be a long line for the Lombardi Trophy. It’s behind glass so there is no way to pick it up or touch it. The wait time for a photo with it is about 30 to 60 minutes. While you are waiting, there is nothing to do except stand and wait.  The trophy is in the NFL Museum where you can also see Super Bowl Rings.

There are a few interactive exhibits to do, such as a football catch  or a five question trivia game. You can win tickets to an upcoming football game.  The big event is a Sean Mendes concert which starts at 6:00 PM. It’s general admission which means the spots upfront have been taken since gates opened.  The event is free. Nothing costs any money  except food or drink. For that, you will need to bring a lot of cash.

Fans get robbed at $5.00 for a bottle of water. Sodas are $6.00.These prices are not set by the NFL, rather the concessionaire  is a slave to greed, charging these outrageous prices day in and day out. only here,the NFL facilitates it by having guards at the gate confiscating  water, so people are captive and must leave, purchase their water off premises and drink it before reentering. Or you can part with up to 90 percent of an hours pay for some of the most die hard NFL Fans.  Some of these people don’t make more than $8.00 per hour and then get robbed when they come to the event.

Don’t expect to watch the Eagles Home Opener there. It will not be shown. In fact, the event shuts down at 8:00 PM. Eagles fans can go home or to a sports club and pay  much less for a beer or water, and watch the Eagles start their quest to keep the Lombardi Trophy in the city.