Child predator on the run in Bucks County region

Police photos of Hamilton

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Police across the  region are looking for  David Allen Hamilton.  He was originally wanted for raping a child. When police in the New Hope area spotted him, an office got into a tussle with him and Hamilton, tried to disarm the cop, before running away in a wooded area. The former soldier served in the armed forces and has knowledge of .weapons and explosives.

During the struggle with the cop, Hamilton lost his backpack that contained his cash, credit cards and other ID.  Police said that he is an UBER driver and is familiar with the area.  Hamilton was on foot fora while, but now cops think he stole a vehicle from Bob White Drive in Solebury, which is near New Hope.  He may have discarded that car and he may have several days worth of facial hair.   While he was in New Hope, he trespassed on some land and the owner snapped some cellphone photos of him, not knowing who he was.

It is quite possible that he stole some clothes or otherwise acquired clothing or money from unsuspecting  people.  He is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone seeing him should contact 911.