Woman wanted for driving over man in store parking lot

Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

As an unknown woman went into the Dunkin Donuts store at Welsh Road and Roosevelt Blvd yesterday, October  6, 2018 she had words with a man who was standing by the front door. When she left after buying something,  more words were said and the male was walking away with friends.  Without warning,  she got into a very distinctive car and deliberately drove over a curb and drove over the man.

You can see the video here.It is gruesome and graphic. This woman then drove away from the scene and went north on the Roosevelt Boulevard.  An alert police officer from the northeast was in center city when the vehicle in question drove past him on 22nd & Ben Franklin Parkway.  He stopped ita nd the vehicle had damage on it. The registered owner was driving it. He refused to cooperate with police.

Due to the fact that his story is completely unbelievable, he very likely will face charges relating to obstruction of justice. His vehicle was operated by a woman, The woman returned the vehicle with front end damage.  Simply put, a reasonable person would not believe that a vehicle could be damaged without the owner knowing where or when, or even who had the car.  The car in question has been impounded.

The woman should have known better. She was wearing clothing that would be indicative of a medical worker, who’s job is to help people, not run them over with a vehicle.  She was wearing a name badge but cops could not make out what it said. If you know who she is, call 911,cops want to hear from you. The victim is seriously hurt but expected to survive.