Task Force 1 members return from deployment

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley News.com Families get reunited.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

For 10 days, emergency responders from this area assigned to Task Force 1  were in Florida, after Hurricane Michael . They were called to shore up buildings to search for people,  that may have become trapped. They also helped keep a hospital up and running. The area is still hurting and large areas have no power. The lack of power means that communications are down. Cellphones and landlines. People have to use battery powered radios to get information. Even if a generator was available to charge a phone, the problem remains, cell towers are down.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The convoy returns.

Those were just some of the problems the crew had to  deal with. as they were close, they thought they would be returning to their headquarters on State Road by 12:30 PM. They were off by 15 minutes. Arriving with a police escort, the caravan of trucks and one charter bus made it’s way up Interstate 95 to exit at Cottman Ave. with a police escort.  After the large trucks jockeyed around  the yard to park in their respective bays,  the charter bus pulled up and members were home.

First off the bus was the K-9 team and their handlers, followed by the two legged members of the team.  After getting their personal belongings stored away and doing a few media interviews, the  task force members got a chance to sit and eat with their  families, before going to their homes.