Wallace and Fitzpatrick debate in Bristol

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The candidates start the debate.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Scott Wallace gestures during his remarks.

Brian Fitzpatrick is the current congressman for the area that is in Bristol Twp. His congressional district is so large it expands from most of Bucks County, to a portion of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia. Scott Wallace wants to take the job away from him and today, October 25, 2018 the two candidates met at the Bristol Campus of the Bucks County Community College on Veterans Highway to debate.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick makes his point during the debate.

The two are miles apart on just about  every issue.. Fitzpatrick blasted Wallace for not releasing his tax returns. “You can prove me wrong, right here, today Scott.” Fitzpatrick said.  Wallace said that he supports having all federal employees running for office releasing their tax returns. Wallace returned fire against Fitzpatrick by chiding him over standing with House Speaker Paul Ryan on multiple issues, and called Fitzpatrick’s proposal to help global warming “weak”.

Wallace , a democrat who is not a fan of President Trump called the tax breaks a bad thing. “I got millions more that I did not need nor want. I put it into the campaign,” he said.  The tax breaks have benefited billionaires and left workers holding a bag  Employers are not going to pay more unless they are made to.  Both candidates said before the debate took place that they support raising the minimum wage to $15.00  per hour. Wallace also took aim at senate and house republicans who want to balance the budget by cutting social security.  That is money people paid into all their lives. Most of those that support doing this are rich and those cuts would not effect  them at all.

Both had different views on foreign affairs and how Trump is doing.  About 300 people showed up to watch the debate live in person. It will be streamed on PCN later. The crowd was respectful and well behaved, except when Fitzpatrick was voicing his opinion on why he thinks Wallace’s ideas would not work. Some in the audience let out loud groans.  The debate lasted about one hour. Prior to the debate, both candidates walked around, meeting potential voters.