Cops investigate murder on Mayfair street

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Crime scene investigators arrive at the scene and look at the vehicle.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police were called to assist an ambulance with a hospital case inside a gold vehicle today, October 31, 2018. When medics arrived,  on the 4500 block of Oakmont Street, they found a 54 year old man in a vehicle. He had been shot one time in the jaw.  The first things cops do is to see if there is a weapon which would indicate a self inflicted wound. There was nothing found when an extensive search of the car was done by crime scene investigators.

“We did not have any reports of gunfire,or reports of males running or anything like that, it’s very early in the investigation,” a police commander said at the scene.  When pressed, he admitted that police were not even sure  if the male was shot there or somewhere else and drove himself to the location. Police were observed knocking on doors , trying to see if residents saw or heard anything. They were also checking for security camera footage that might have captured the shooting.  The man died at the hospital. The identity of the male was not released pending notification of next of kin.