Trans-Siberian Orchestra plays over the top show in south Philadelphia

Alex Lloyd Gross- Joel Hoekstra from TSO live

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has always been known for putting on a good show.  Last night, they topped every show they previously did. Drum risers that levitate, with a movie screen, fire, videos and cherry pickers that bring band members to the outer reaches  of the crowd. All crammed into a two and a half hour show. Oh yeah, there was music too. It was loud and the band was tight. All you need to know.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo Delaware Valley The TSO back up singers.

The downside to this show was the audience.  Most were content to remain seated unless prompted to stand by band members. Sure, during slow songs, it is proper to sit but for the more raucous numbers,  the O

Alex Lloyd Gross photo from TSO

NLY way to experience this band is on your feet.  The band did two shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  The fact that they brought over 12,000 people  to a show in the middle of the day during the week is a testament to how good this band is.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley Bryan Hicks

Joel Hoekstra,  and Chris Caffery playing off each other on guitar, Jeff Plate, holding it down on drums Derek Wieland on keys are just some of the musicians involved in this project. There are beautiful female back up singers, that bring the night to a full circle. They are devils or angels, depending on the song and the special effects put on around them. Kayla Reeves, who has been with this band before sang  a beautiful solo.  During  “Carol of the Bells”  was that her on guitar?  She was stunning. Erika Jerry, who also does back up singing was given a solo as well.

This show is divided into two parts. One with the narration from Bryan Hicks. He tells the story of the Ghost of Christmas Past.  The man’s voice fills the arena and he has a command presence about him. You don’t want to look anywhere else.  When he is finished, the band plays for over an hours worth of material.  Yes, there is smoke and mirrors but this band is the real deal. They do two shows in every city. After the evening show, they do a free meet and greet in the concourse.   It’s Christmastime.