Traffic crash takes out city trash truck on Cottman Avenue

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley firefighters put out cat litter to stop fluid spill.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Two cars collided at the intersection of Cottman Avenue and Walker Street in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia today, January  7 2019. one of the vehicles came to rest head on into a city trash truck. The driver of that car, Kristjana Kina of Northeast Philadelphia suffered injuries from the crash.  The other driver was hurt as well. Police said that the injuries were not life threatening.  The trash truck had a driver and a passenger who got checked out by city medics.

According to police, one driver went through a red signal.  Cottman Avenue was closed to traffic in the area and the side streets were heavily congested.  While both cars were toed away, the trash truck was driven away under it’s own power, with very minor damage.  The crash was reported at about 1:00 PM and was cleared up by 2:00 PM. Debris from the vehicles was loaded into the trash truck.