SEPTA Transit Police on strike

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware valley

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Inside the Frankford Transportation Center at evening rush hour. No SEPTA cops on duty.

SEPTA riders were less safe during the evening commute, as SEPTA Police Officers walked off their posts and onto a picket line at SEPTA headquarters which is located at 1234 Market Street. March 6 2019.  There was no picket line at the busy Frankford transportation Center, but there were no police on duty there either.  The transit Police office located in the center was locked, and four Transit Police vehicles were parked unattended on the curb,

The main sticking point, union officials said is the fact that SEPTA Officers wear  body cameras. If there is a complaint, and they have to write a report, they are not permitted to review the footage before hand.  This could lead to an officer unintentionally leaving something out of their report, or giving too much credence to a minor part of  the incident.

There are other sticking pints between the Transit Police Union and SEPTA, but they were not disclosed. However, part of that is money. Rank and file officers get $30,000 less than their supervisors.   Philadelphia Police and SEPTA Police Supervisors will be patrolling the transit ways. The union wanted to strike at noon but kept on the job as negotiations continued. Shortly after 3:00 PM negotiations broke off and a strike was called.