Man charged with killing room mate over bag of trash in Bensalem

Greg Hylton

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Greg Hylton has to be the worst room mate in history. He was arrested by Bensalem Police  yesterday,  March 9, 2019 and charged with homicide after he is alleged to have shot his room mate at the Creekside Apartments on Knights Road. According to police, the two shared an apartment when Hylton notice that his room mate, 25 year old Sharif Simpson left an empty bag from a fast food restaurant on the couch.  He called him a “pig” and an argument ensured.

Within minutes, Hylton pushed Simpson into Simpson’s bedroom and the two were fighting. He then told cops that he took a 9mm  from his waistband and began to hit Simpson with the muzzle on his shoulder repeatedly. It was then, when the gun went off.  Hylton told police it was an accident.  Police were on scene  of the apartment early Sunday morning to gather evidence.  Hylton was remanded to the Bucks County Prison without bail.

No one else was hurt and the weapon was recovered.  Police did not say how the two met met or how they knew each other.