Philly cops looking to identify more stupid criminals

Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police are looking to identify and arrest two males who committed a residential burglary on the 1500 block of Greg Street.  More and more residences are equipped with security cameras. Some are in plain view and some are hidden.  This house had a great system and after reviewing the footage, police are able to share the video and frame grabs with the public.

March 14,  2019, these two males were observed via a camera with tools in their hands, casing a house.  They used the tools to break in, they ransacked the dwelling and left. The homeowner is not certain what, if anything was taken.  That does not lessen the impact and the nature of the crime.It’s a felony. These two also left the tools they were carrying. Those tools have been taken by police, who will search for DNA and fingerprint evidence. They will also see if those tools were stolen as well.  If you know who these males are, you are urged to contact 911. They  made their escape in a dark green Jeep Cherokee.  How do cops know this?  Yep, that too was caught on security camera.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Northeast Detective Division:
DC 19-07-006596