Landlord arrested for burglarizing dead tenant’s property

By Alex Lloyd Gross

An unidentified male was shot and killed on the 4300 block of Milnor Street, in Philadelphia, on March 26, 2019.This happened right outside the property he was renting. Police are still searching for his killer.  The next day, March 27, 2018, his landlord arrived after finding out what happened. Instead of sealing the property and making it available to the man’s next of kin, police allege that Dan Charyna was removing the personal items from his deceased tenant’s  property.

Police were called and caught him in the act at 2:46 AM. Charyna, a Bensalem resident has been charged with  burglary, criminal trespass and theft by unlawful taking. police are still looking for the shooter and have not released any additional information such as camera footage to help aid them in their search.  They are still doing an investigation into the burglary  as well.