Reward grows to $35,000 for information in police inspectors son murder

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When a violent crime happens,, the victims friends and fami9ly come together to show support for the family . When you are a high ranking police officer, your family  includes the people in your department and fellow first responders. The shock and anger  that is felt within the Philadelphia Police Department has propelled it’s union, FOP Lodge 4 to offer a $10,000 reward.  The firefighters union, local 22 has put of $5000 and the city of Philadelphia has a $20,000 bounty on the offender.

Nicholas Flacco was with a group of friends celebrating the Phillies win at FDR park, in South Philadelphia Saturday evening. As they were enjoying themselves,  several fights broke out, none involving him. One female told the crowd she was “going to get her man” and they should all be afraid,” said Philadelphia Police Captain Jason Smith. Within a few minutes a male did arrive at the park and pulled a pistol . Apparently, the group was not afraid when they saw the gun and Smith said they did not think it was real.

This male then fired the pistol at least twice. No one was hurt and he left.  Apparently, he returned a short while later and shot Nicholas Fl;acco once in the chest. He was rushed to Penn Presbyterian medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Police are asking anyone that saw this or if anyone heard anyone talking about this to contact them. at (215) 868-3334. You do not have to give your name.

$35,000 is a lot of money and it is hoped that someone would be swayed to tell detectives what they know, even if it is just to claim the reward.  Nicholas Flacco was the son of Chris Flacco, the chief inspector of internal affairs.