Philadelphia Police still investigating Roosevelt Blvd shooting

Submitted- The crime scene on Roosevelt Blvd.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

It all started with a domestic disturbance Saturday night,  April 20, 2019.  As police arrived at the location of  Sanger and Miriam, they were flagged down by people who saw a man wearing a camouflage jacket who was armed with a gun. They never made it to the original disturbance call. Instead, they tried to make contact with the man but he ran away.

When he was on the 5600 block of Miriam street, he reached into his waistband and pulled out a pistol. He fired shots at police, who returned fire. no officers of civilians were struck by gunfire.  As the unknown male was running, he approached the Roosevelt Blvd and tried to cross from the south or northbound lanes. In the center median, he then point the gun at himself and fired one shot into his head, killing himself instantly.  Police are still trying to determine why the man fired shots at police and where he got the gun.  it is unknown if the man was part of the original  domestic call.