Caught Red Handed at the Brookwood Color Run


Two children from Bristol Township had a ton of fun at Brookwood Elementary School today for the first annual Color Run.

Participants start out in a clean white Tee shirt and run around the school twice. At various  locations around the building,there are other kids stationed with different colored chalk that they toss onto the runners, as they go by.  At the end of the race, people have turned purple, blue, yellow ,red or a mix of a bunch of colors.

After the race was completed, some kids could be seen rolling around in the chalk, to get extra dirty. These two  posed for the photo when the race was done, next to a Bristol Twp. Squad crusier, which was there for community service.

This photo shows they picked the right officer for this detail. The event will be held agian next year, but, parking will be off limits to the school except for workers, organizers said.