Tour Of Honor rides into Bensalem

Alex lloyd Gross- photo- Delaware Valley The Morrisville Chorus serenades Michael Mattie who was deployed to Beirut, among other places.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The annual Tour Of Honor rode into Parx Casino last night, April 29, 2019 under escort from police and various motorcycle clubs. This organization  charters tour buses for veterans in the area. The buses then go to Washington DC where the servicemen can visit memorials and monuments that commemorate their service. In the late afternoon, as the participants start to return to the area on the bus, they are met with multiple motorcycle clubs for an escort to Parx, where the vets will get a free dinner.

As they get closer to the area, multiple fire companies set up ladders and put flags across the road for the motorcade to drive under.  It makes for a wonderful spectacle.  As the crowd gathers to watch the servicemen disembark their buses,  they are given the opportunity to [purchase hot hogs or tee shirts, which funds this trip for the next year.