22 arrested for animal cruelty this past weekend

By Alex Lloyd Gross

It is against the law to attend an event where two or more animals are fighting. Period. That is the law and it does not matter what an individual’s belief’s are, or what their culture is.  It’s against the law and you can be jailed for it. That did not stop 22 individuals from gathering over the past weekend to watch cockfights. As police raided the house on the 2100 block of Ann Street,  in Philadelphia, the participants scattered like roaches.

They knew they broke the law and would do anything to escape. That is why four thought it would be a great idea to jump a 30 foot wall.  For their efforts, all of them received broken ankles from the fall. They all got arrested and got their photos taken.  You can see the photo with this article. We will print their names. They are all from Philadelphia.

In reference to the Animal Cruelty that occurred on the 2100 block of  East Ann Street on , Friday, April 26th, 2019, the following males identified as 28 year old Jose Montero from the 700 block of Court Street, 22 year old Miguel Tirado from the 1900 block of East Birch Street, 23 year old Luis Rivera from the 3000 block of B Street, 35 year old Bernardo Carambot-Guzman from the 2000 block of East Orleans Street, 35 year old Wilfredo Figueroa of the 3700 block of North 5th Street, 30 year old Marro Figueroa of the 3300 block of Brighton Street, 63 year old Sigfredo Cruz of the 3000 Block of North Lawrence Street, 44 year old Rafael Sanchez of the 2100 block of East Ann Street, 43 year old Pedro Santiago of the 200 block of Memphis Street, 27 year old Orlando Acevedo of the 3200 block of Englewood Street, 48 year old Nestor Mojica of the 4600 block of Ella Street, 47 year old Luis Monserrate of the 3000 block of Lee Street, 52 year old Luis Gonzalez of the 1700 block of North 4th Street, 36 year old Juan Vasquez of the 3300 block of Hurley Street, 25 year old John Madera of the 7200 Block of Algon Street, 29 year old Jean Bonilla of the 200 block of Dixie Drive Pensgrove, N.J., 38 year old Ernesto Delvalle of the 200 block of West Stella Street, 22 year old Grabiel Rosado-Serrrano of the 2800 block of North 4th Street and 38 year old Alexis Mendez-Gonzalez of the 100 block of Fern Street.  The following females identified as 27 year old Yvonne Quinones of the 2000 block of Elkhart Street, 45 year old Ana Rivera of the 2100 block of East Ann Street and 44 year old Ivette Ramos of the 2700 block of Winton Te. Were all  arrested by Philadelphia Police between Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 11:32 P.M. to Saturday, April 27th, 2019 12:01 A.M. at 2145 East Ann Street. All individuals were arrested and charged with Criminal Conspiracy and Cruelty to Animals.