First Friday on The Delaware Photo Gallery

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen

Foods of all types were offered at the event.
Credit; Jeff Bohen


Thousands filled Mill St on Friday night in Bristol Borough for its first event of the outdoor season.

There was a little something there for everyone on hand as dozens of vendors sold goods, food, arts & crafts and more.

The theme for June’s First Friday event by the Delaware River is Mardi Gras scheduled for the June 7.

You can view the rest of the First Friday schedule hereĀ 

He wants Slime. Mom is double checking
Credit: Jeff Bohen
First Friday offered something for everyone. Even the Lil one on Dad’s arm. Credit: Jeff Bohen
The Real Housewives glasses of Bristol Borough & Croydon were fighting for attention at this table of course. Credit: Jeff Bohen
Theses ladies have the right idea! Credit: Jeff Bohen
His Quote “Ruf, ruf. Ruff, ruff, ruff!” (Translation) First Fridays get me Pets. Lot of Pets! Credit: Jeff Bohen
The T=Shirt says it all! Credit: Jeff Bohen
This little one danced the night away with the live music. Credit: Jeff Bohen
“I’ll take that one.” Credit: Jeff Bohen
Music Mill St Style
Credit: Jeff Bohen
Reporter takes photo of mom taking photo of the Princesses’
Come back soon!
Credit: Jeff Bohen