Bristol Twp Cop Blotter: Arrest’s, 4 Burglary’s & Vandalism

The following was provided by the Bristol Township Police Department covering May 3 to May 6, 2019. 


Written by Staff

Arrested 5-3-19, 1941 hours, 500 block Newport Road, Bristol, Pa. The below subject was arrested on a Bench Warrant out of Bucks County and released to the Sheriff’s. Patrick Ryan Bregenzer, W/M, 32 years old Belardley Avenue Bristol, Pa

Arrested 5-4-19, 1641 hours, Fortune Lane, Levittown, Pa. The below subject was arrested on charges of Simple Assault, Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkeness.  The subject was processed and arraigned by Judge Finnello, bail was set at $25,000/10% and sent to BCP. Dennis Higgins, W/M, 28 years old Fortune Lane Levittown, Pa

Burglary 5-3-19, 0251 hours, Newport Road, Croydon, Pa. Sometime during the night an unknown subject entered through a window and exited through the same window.  Nothing was discovered missing at this time.

Burglary 5-3-19, 1646 hours, 300 block Janet avenue, Croydon, Pa. Sometime during the day an unknown subject entered the residence and stole a gold colored Sprint modem box valued at $200.00.  There was no forced entry.

Burglary 5-4-19, 0207 hours, Daffodil Lane, Levittown, Pa. Sometime around 0207 hours a known subject enter the residence through a bedroom window and stole an iPhone 6 valued at $250.00.

Burglary 5-4-19, 0826 hours, 6000 block Headley Court, Levittown, Pa. Sometime on the 3rd of May an unknown subject(s) entered the residence with no forced entry and stole $1,800.00 in cash.

Theft 5-3-19, 0754 hours, Beechtree Road, Levittown, Pa. Sometime on 5-2-19 an unknown subject(s) stole a diamond earring and loose change. The value of monies is $21.40 and no value given for the earring.

Theft 5-5-19, 0937 hours, 4000 block Woodbourne Road, Levittown, Pa. At 0804 hours on 5-5-19 an unknown white female entered the store and stole 16 packs of Nexium and 5 packs of Advil, totaling $584.79.

Theft 5-5-19, 1538 hours, 3000 block Ford Road, Bristol, Pa. Sometime between 1300 hours and 1530 hours an iPhone 6S was taken from the Residence and valued at $500.00.

Theft 5-5-19, 2140 hours, Bath Road, Bristol, Pa. Sometime between 2130 hours on 5-4-19 and 1800 hours on 5-5-19 an unknown Subject(s) entered an unlocked 2019 Ford Edge and stole $7.00 in loose change and an EZ Rider baby stroller valued at $149.00.

Theft 5-5-19, 2301 hours, Library Lane, Levittown, Pa. Sometime between 2130 hours and 2240 hours complainant’s wallet went missing. The wallet contained $576.00 in cash and a TD Bank gift card with $2.00.

Vandalism 5-3-19, 0654 hours, Red Maple Lane, Levittown, Pa. Sometime overnight complainant reported that her tire was slashed by an unknown Subject(s).  The tire is valued at $200.00.

Vandalism 5-3-19, 0651 hours, Sycamore Avenue, Croydon, Pa. Sometime overnight complainant’s vehicle was damaged with graffiti by an unknown subject(s).  There was previous damage to a tire and valued at $140.00.

Vandalism 5-6-19, 1820 hours, 4000 block Fayette Street, Bristol, Pa. On three separate days an unknown subject(s) removed a steel frame and double doors from a vacant school.  Value $5,000.00 Source: