Truck Overturns on Woodhaven Road Ramp From I-95 traffic Snarled

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Tow operators work to upright the truck and clean up the mess of dirt left behind.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Tow truck operators are working to right an overturned tract0or trailer and clean a load of dirt it was hauling, before the evening rush hour. The wreck happened just  after 2:30 PM when the truck was traveling north on the interstate and exited onto Woodhaven Road.  on the curve of the exit ramp, the weight shifted in the trailer and the truck overturned onto it’s side.  There were no injuries reported.

traffic is backed up on I-95 from Academy Road through Street Road. The Woodhaven Road ramp is closed and will be closed  for several hours, police said. There is a large backlog of cars trying to exit onto Street Road.  Motorists may wish to take the next exit, 413 which should be less crowded.  Multiple trucks have flipped on this ramp, at the exact same location.