Bio Convention Brings Big Pharma and Bright Science To Philadelphia

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Taiwan representatives show their minister what they are doing.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Princeton University was present at the New Jersey BIO display.

The 2019 BIO Conference is being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Inside, there are  lectures on everything from diseases to DNA.  The main attraction is the convention floor,where people get to walk around to the different exhibits. Some are put on by state delegations, such as Pennsylvania,  New Jersey and Delaware. These areas on the convention floor have representatives from the  companies that call those states home or have a large presence in a respective state.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley The different branches of the US Military have their displays set up.

Of course, education is important and many universities across the globe have a booth there, to show off what their students are doing, as well as to attract new ones. It is very interesting to see what the University of Hong Kong can offer if you are interested in the BIO Science field.  Attendees can see intricate booths and you may be rubbing elbows on the convention floor with high level politicians. A minister from Taiwan was walking around the convention floor,  around the Taiwan Booth.

Many companies were showing off new took, such as portable DNA scanners,  and giving information on medicine that is being worked on. Those interested in public safety will be interested to see what the US Military is doing  to protect against germ warfare. BIO sciences include everything from skin rash problems to cancer.  All of the medicine that is invented comes from companies that were present at this convention. Companies that specialize in clinical trials to insure the medicine is working also had a strong presence.

Law firms that specialize in Intellectual Property are an important part of the process. it is important to make certain that patents are secured in countries that will allow the product to be sold.  This convention runs until June 6  2019.