Bristol Twp Cops Report: Levittown Gas Station Robbed, Bench Warrant Arrests, and More

The Following is provided by the Bristol Township Police Department. It is a combination of two reports from the Police covering June 5 to June 6, 2019.

Arrest 6-5-19, 0147 hours, 500 block Bath Road, Bristol, Pa. The below subject was arrested on a Bench Warrant out of Bucks County and released to the Sheriff’s. Bench Warran, W/M, 36 years old Newportville Road Croydon, Pa

Burglary 6-5-19, 0932 hours, Inwood Road, Levittown, Pa. Sometime overnight an unknown subject(s) attempted to gain entry into a residence, forcefully removing a screen and breaking it and also a lawn ornament.  No value of damage given.

Theft 6-5-19, 1254 hours, 900 block Bristol Pike, Croydon, Pa. On this date an unknown subject(s) stole Olay face creams and Mucinex valuing at $401.50.  The subjects were later identified and will be charged by summons.

Theft 6-5-19, 2018 hours, Maroon Road, Levittown, Pa. Sometime between 6-5-19 at 0230 hours and 6-5-19 at 1700 hours an unknown subject(s) stole a license plate from a 2015 Dodge Dart.  The value of replacement is $6.00.

Vandalism 6-5-19, 1437 hours, 2000 block Airacobra Street, Levittown, Pa, Sometime Between 2300 hours on 6-4-19 and 1200 hours on 6-5-19 an unknown subject(s) keyed a rental car on the driver’s side by the door handle.  Estimated damage value is approximately $200.00.

Vandalism 6-5-19, 2353 hours, 7000 block Marion Avenue, Levittown, Pa. Sometime today an unknown subject(s) slashed both passenger tires on a 2001 Buick Sedan. No damage value given.

Arrest 6-6-19, 1050 hours, Race Street, Philadelphia, Pa. The below subject was arrested on a Bench Warrant out of Bucks County and released to the Constables. Nicole L Roberts, W/F, 44 years old Mauri Avenue Croydon, Pa

Robbery 6-6-19, 0414 hours, 5000 block New Falls Road, Levittown, Pa. On 6-6-19 at 0409 hours an unknown subject stole $200.00 cash and several lottery tickets from a gas station.

Theft 6-6-19, 1036 hours, 2000 block Durham Road, Bristol, Pa. On 6-5-19 at 2134 hours an unknown subject stole a carton of Newport Cigarettes that is valued at $80.00.

Theft 6-6-19, 1534 hours, 3000 block Spruce Street Bristol, Pa. Sometime between 1030 hours and 1500 hours an unknown subject(s) stole the license plate off of a 2016 Kia.  Total loss $36.00.