Torrential Rain Results in Many Flooded Roads in Region

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Vehicles stall out at on Cedar Avenue.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Torrential downpours  happened in the region about 5:15 PM and absolutely slammed portions of Lower Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia.  motorists that came across underpasses that were flooded out had to turn back. They had to find another way. Those that did not and through they could drive through it paid the price.  In Bristol Twp. at least two vehicles flooded out under the Cedar Avenue Bridge. In Bensalem Station Avenue was flooded under the railroad bridge as well.

No injuries were reported in both locations. However,  repair bills for water coming in contact with an exhaust manifold or engine can cost upwards of several hundred dollars.  This storm is not over yet. Expect heavy downpours tomorrow as well, as a cold front makes it’s way in the region.