Philadelphia Cop Kills Self and Wife in House

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Crime Scene officers and the Medical Examiner at the scene.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A veteran Philadelphia Police Officer apparently killed himself, after killing his estranged wife inside their home on the 4600 block of Weymouth Street,  this past weekend, police said.  officers responded to the house when another family member called for a welfare check when her had not shown up for work, police said. Family members had not heard from the family  When police got there,t hey found the body of a woman  with m

Alex Lloyd Gross-Photo

ultiple gunshot wounds to her face and body. She was found in the dining area, police said.

In the basement, they found the officer,  dead with a gun next to his body, Nnotification of next of kin for all of the family. has been completed. The Officer was identified as 39 year old  Jose Rodriguez. His wife was Evelyese Rodriguez. The officer was on the force for 11 years and was stationed at the 19th district.