Vehicle Rams Dentist Office After Crash in City

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley The crash scene.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The dental clinic that sits at the intersection of Castor & Pratt Streets  was closed. It is a good thing, too because just  after 1:00 PM, a vehicle smashed through the front wall, after being hit by another car.  Both drivers and passengers of one vehicle went to local hospitals for treatment of serious but not life threatening injuries, police said.

The crash happened at an intersection controlled by a traffic light. preliminary reports indicate one vehicle was south on Castor Ave. and the other was  west on Pratt when the crash happened. Representatives from L&I were on scene to insure that the building was not compromised enough to collapse if the vehicle was removed. Once that was ascertained, the car was removed and there was a gaping hole in the front.