Bucks County Nursing Home Evacuated


By Alex Lloyd Gross

Resident of the Crestview Center Nursing Home in Langhorne , Bucks County Pa. are being evacuated by first responders. The facility, on Toll Gate Road  is near Core Creek Park.  The reason for the emergency evacuation is the sudden loss of power due to the storm,  Residents inside are elderly and some require more care than others.

While some could walk out on their own,other are in beds, attached to medical equipment, which makes transporting them a more involved task. Over 100 firefighters and medical personnel were called.  While the storm hit Wednesday evening,  it was not feasible to evacuate in the middle of the night, so  emergency generators were brought in. The evacuations started this morning, when it was clear the problem would not be fixed quickly, authorities said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health brought in a mobile field unit, which is actually a mini hospital to help with residents.  Keeping the residents calm and cool is a priority as this task is completed. Authorities could not estimate when the power would return.