House Votes To Raise Minimum Wage to $15.00/hr

Alex Lloyd Gross

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The federal government did what the Pennsylvania house and senate will not do. They called for a vote on the minimum wage and it passed. It passed along party lines, which was to be expected, however, locally, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-1) voted in favor of the bill. This is something he has promised to do for a while. In Philadelphia,  democrat Brendan Boyle made certain he was voting for it too. Dwight Evans also voted for it. Madeline Dean who reps the 4th district in Montgomery county was in favor for it as well.

Across the bridge in New Jersey,  Reps Donald Norcross and Jefferson Van Drew were in favor of this bill. You can check the entire voting record  here.

This bill is a political hot button. It must now go to the senate which Mitch McConell has stated he will not entertain a vote on this bill.He calls it nonsense. His polling numbers in Kentucky, his home state are way down, in fact they are in the high teens. Not addressing this issue will hurt him. Donald Trump stated he will veto this if it comes across his desk. If that happens, he could be vetoed right out of office in 2020. When you tell the lowest income of people you do not value their service, they will put someone else in office that does.

During the arguments against, Republican Congresswoman Vitginia Foxx argued it would kill jobs and raise prices. It was the same argument put forth that has not happened in states where the wage went up. Foxx represents people in North Carolina. The bill passed with an amendment to have the General Accounting Office examine the effects of a higher wage after the first two increments.

This bill would not raise the wage immediately. It would go to $8.55/hr then to $9.50/hr . By 2025 it will be at $15.00. Currently, it is at $7.25/hr. .Proponents are setting their sights on the US Senate. Senator Pat Toomey (r) is not in favor of it.  Bon Casey(d) is in favor.