Serious Crash Injures Two in Hunting Park

Alex Lloyd Gross-Photo- Delaware Valley Firefighters check for hazards at the crash scene.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Two people sustained serious injuries from a two vehicle accident at Hunting Park Avenue and Whittaker Street  in Philadelphia, yesterday, July 18, 2019.  Philadelphia Police said that  both vehicles were west on Hunting Park Avenue, when one vehicle rammed the other in the rear. It was a high speed impact, judging from the damage and  vehicle final resting positions.

After the  initial impact, the vehicle that was struck got shoved across the intersection, where it hit a building and bounced off of that same building before coming to rest against a fence. The driver of that car collapsed onto the sidewalk with serious injuries.  An investigation will tell if  either of the drivers was on their phone or under the influence of anything.  Traffic around the intersection was detoured for several hours until the highway could be cleared. Two medic units were called to the scene.