Former Lower Bucks Athletes Donate Water to High School Footballers

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen

Two former local High School athletes who remember the trials and tribulations of football mini camp provided cases of water for the Bristol High School Football team last week.

Tayron Thomas and D’Andre Webb at one time were burgeoning local high school sports athletes. So they know the challenge of training/mini camp. Reliving those memories is what led them to in “to do our part in helping athletes in Bucks County” by donating bottles of water to local high school football team.

Last week the long time friends, each an entrepreneur in his own right, showed up at the Bristol High School Football practice with 500 bottles of water for the young men gearing up for the upcoming season in the August heat.

We heard from a players mother water wasn’t readily accessible to the players so knowing how important it is to be hydrated while practicing outdoors this time of year we decided to help out the best we way we could. Buy water for the young men,” they both said.

Thomas,  starred at Philadelphia University and was once invited to a Philadelphia 76ers mini-camp in 2006.  He played professional basketball for 10 years and once led NCAA Division II in scoring averaging over 20 points a game in 2006.  A native of Bristol and Thomas was named to the school districts Athletics Hall of Fame in 2010.

We’re Truman guys” Thomas said “but we have a non-profit 1 Team 1 Goal  we launched recently in the hopes of giving something back the bucks county athletic community by sharing our experiences in terns of going from high school athletics to pro ball, they said.


Webb played tailback at West Chester University after his stint at Truman High School said I just want to help pass on some knowledge and wisdom to local athletes as part of the non-profits mission.

Additional plans to visit other high school teams to donate water have yet to be scheduled but if its needed somewhere the friends said they’ll do all they can to help keep players hydrated.

“Practicing in this heat, is no joke” Webb said.

1 Team, 1 Goal, launched earlier this summer is in the process scheduling events and providing resources to high school athletes such as a mentoring program, test taking tips, and different ways to “push” athletes to further their education and possibly extend their athletic careers.

Webb and Thomas said they have a network of resources to pull from in the form of former college and professional athletes who want to drop some knowledge on the areas up and coming athletes.

if I had taken school more seriously Webb said, the opportunities I had would have been different.

In the meantime, the duo will be in search of another team to give free water too.