Dog Walkers Wanted By Bensalem Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Do you live in Bensalem?  Do you walk a dog or other animal in the township?  Then you are wanted by Bensalem Police. Not to face charges, but to participate in a new neighborhood watch program called “Paws On Patrol”.  People that are interested can get more information at the Bensalem Fall Festival October 5 2019. (This Saturday) .

There, people can sign up for a 45 minute training which will be announced at a later time.  When you sign up and do the training, participants will be given a free t shirt.  During the training, police will inform the public on what they are looking for and how to give 911 the best information possible. You are out walking your dog ( or other animal anyway) . Why not participate and help make your community safer?  The last thing you would want is to have a good friend or neighbor come home and find their property damaged and you might have seen something suspicious but were not trained in what to look for so it was ignored.



Training and signing up is free.   if you are able, why not show up at Kellys Kitchen  2363 Bristol Road tomorrow October 2 2019 from 10-to noon. It is Coffee With A Cop Day and you can stop by for a quick chat about what is going on in your neighborhood. It is also free. .