Multiple People Injured In Bensalem Accident

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley The crash scene

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Many early morning commuters were  inconvenienced  during the AM Rush Hour. in Bensalem.  Police had to investigate an accident involving two cars at the intersection of Street Road and I-95.  The accident happened at the northbound exit/entry to the interstate on Street Road. It appeared to be a high speed rear end accident.Both vehicles appeared to be going west on Street Road. At least five people were taken to local hospitals by four medic units that were dispatched to the scene.


As rescue workers took the last of the victims away,  police marked off the scene for a further investigation. No charges were filed at the scene but the investigation is still on going. Northbound access to the interstate from Street Road was closed for about two hours, police said.  Non of the injuries was life threatening.  One of the vehicles, a Mazda Tribute  veered onto the curb and crashed into the guide rail that sits on top of the ramp, breaking it from it’s foundation.