Shady Brook Serves Up Scares This Halloween

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley It’s in the corn maze and it is not a scare crow.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Shady Brook Farm, located right off Interstate 95 is  a hot spot for people who want to do something for Halloween. If you live in Northeast Philadelphia, Lower Bucks or the Eastern Part of Montgomery County in Pa this is really close by. Jersey  folks that live in Princeton and areas south can be there in about 15 minutes.  When you arrive, you will be given choices of things to do, so it’s a great date night destination.


The hay ride is a favorite. It lasts about 20 minutes and you are transported through Pennslltuckey , where hillbillies who are not quite right in the head will make their presence known. This is reminiscent of the 1980’s horror movie “Mothers Day”.    There are other things and people that you will encounter as you are lead into the woods. Small children could get scared .

The corn maze is always fun.  As you walk though,  try not to make a wrong turn. Monsters will be around some corners to make sure you are in the right direction. They don’t want you in their house anymore than you want to be there.  There is also a choice of two haunted houses.  1 is traditional  2 is a trip to Area 51 with 3-d glasses and  aliens.

Plenty of food to purchase and for kids, there are sports challenges.  This place always is busy so come early.  If you are doing all three things, stop at the hayride first so you are not spending a long time in line.