Croydon Post Office Is Now Open

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Inside the new facility

By Alex Lloyd Gross

With no fanfare, the post Office on the 200 block of Bristol Pike, in Croydon is now open. Gone is the mobile service truck that was used to take care of customers. The building was damaged in a fire that gutted the laundromat and a pizza shop. Those two businesses have yet to re open.  The fire which happened in August of 2018 left the post office and the exterior with no visible identifiers.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley The fire that destroyed the post office.






It was not until December of 2018 that a mobile truck was detailed to the Croydon shopping center. That only came about through constant complaining  from residents to Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and to the Postmaster.  On October 21, 2019 the truck was driven away and the lights were on. There was nothing outside informing you that the building is a functioning post office.  Inside, the building is clean and sparkling white. It is now open for business.